Tesseract has been a frontrunner for the progressive “djent” music community for over a decade. The “djent” genre as a whole is known for being a community filled with gear nerds of the highest caliber. Founding guitarist Acle Kahney started the project out of his bedroom, releasing incredible, high-quality songs that became staples for… Read More

Music is ____ (1)

As we said in our last blog post “Music is ___: 3 Misconceptions”, learning an instrument isn’t expensive; at least it doesn’t have to be. This is meant to be informative, not a flashy sales pitch. The truth is if you don’t cut corners and rent an instrument the right way, you’re likely to save yourself… Read More

Music is ____ (1)

  For some, learning an instrument was simply an obligation. Many of us got the hand me down trumpet or violin from an older sibling or maybe even one of your parents. Whether it was a long term experience or a short lived nuisance it’s likely we’ve all had some slim chance to learn an… Read More

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Taylor Guitars at The Music Den; that’s a thing now! If you haven’t checked out the collection in store you really need to! The Taylor 418e is in our opinion one of the best acoustic guitars we’ve ever played. It’s part of Taylor’s Grand Orchestra Series which is their way of describing the body style- it’s… Read More


We. The Music Den. MD:Confidential posts will reveal the not so “TOP SECRET” details of The Music Den! Welcome to the 31 year old fresh Music Den. In the last few years alone we’ve expanded our online market, developed a core following on social media and now with the launch of our updated website we’re… Read More