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MD:Confidential posts will reveal the not so “TOP SECRET” details of
The Music Den!

Welcome to the 31 year old fresh Music Den. In the last few years alone we’ve expanded our online market, developed a core following on social media and now with the launch of our updated website we’re excited to share our blog with you!

We’re learning and growing and excited for what the future holds for us. Even though the technology and building are new and constantly upgrading, the HEART of The Music Den remains rooted in the history that built us; a culture with rich foundations in music education. Our passion and drive has always been our customers and without such faithful clients we would not be able to expand our enterprise.

You can ask us, why should I come to the MD when the big stores have just as much to offer? Good fair question, thanks for your inquiry. We’re not in the business of bashing big corporations. There’s a place in this world for all business models and where there is a David there too must be a Goliath; so we go beyond the “store” mentality.

  • We value connection.
  • We desire a personalized experience for you each time you walk through our doors.
  • Give us your budget and needs and we’ll walk you through your options.
  • You are not a quota or a paycheck.
  • You are family.


We are proud of our students and customers and we have much to celebrate. In addition to becoming a Taylor Guitars dealer, we’ve been recognized by the National Association of Music Merchants(NAMM) as a
Top 100 Dealer in THE WORLD!

SN15_Top 100

“The NAMM Top 100 Dealers go beyond running a successful business, they are ambassadors for music and music education in their communities. They generously share their passion for music with both longtime customers and those just beginning their musical journey. What they add to their communities can best be measured in the number of lives positively impacted through music.” -Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM-

So you see, our motto isn’t just some words on a sign or a marketing tactic…we strive to be a place where EVERY musician can feel at HOME.Cheesy? Maybe. Genuine? Definitely.

Welcome Home.
The MD Collective

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