As we said in our last blog post “Music is ___: 3 Misconceptions”, learning an instrument isn’t expensive; at least it doesn’t have to be. This is meant to be informative, not a flashy sales pitch. The truth is if you don’t cut corners and rent an instrument the right way, you’re likely to save yourself some money and avoid the headache down the road.


Step 1: Select your instrument and trial period

Choose your trial period

We offer 5 and 10 month trial periods to start out. This allows the student to try the instrument and the initial down payment (before tax) goes on your account toward purchasing the instrument, should you choose to do so!


Step 2: Fill in your contact information COMPLETELY!

We’re not trying to be nosey but we do need your email, phone number and a valid drivers license number in order to insure these instruments.

Step 3: Select to continue the M&R Maintenance Plan…

We offer the M&R plan for $4.28 a month. For those with precise “calculatory” minds that’s only $51.36 a year!

because this happens more than you could

We wish this was a joke, but all band and orchestral instruments in the hands of children can be wonderful and still terrifying at the same time.

Consider this your insurance. By the numbers you could easily spend upwards of $80-$130 a year on cleaning and maintenance alone.

Instruments are just like cars, they need to be serviced and cleaned about once a season. So that’s roughly $25-$40 each time. See how it adds up? You’d be crazy to opt out of the M&R plan. (Note: the M&R plan does not cover loss or theft.)

ALSO…kids will be kids. A dropped trumpet quickly turns into a stepped on trumpet and a smashed bell at minimum is about $40 to fix. I know what you’re thinking; “my child was raised to be responsible.” Think of it this way instead, what if the kid sitting next to your son/daughter in band or orchestra has no regard for personal property? Customers are responsible for the instrument tagged to their account.

Better safe than sorry! Ask the Seattle Seahawks what happens when you take risks…

Step 4: Total rental fees, accessory purchases and credit card info


When in doubt, get the necessary accessories. Whether you need an extra box of reeds, the lesson book or a music stand, you’ll get a discount on all those items to start out when you submit your rental application. Save some money and an extra trip to the store…not that we’d mind seeing you again!

Q: Why do you need my credit card?

A: We use an auto pay system. You enroll a card and every month AFTER the trial period expires we’ll charge you the monthly rental rate.

Q2: Do I have to enroll in auto-pay?

A2: It’s our policy and it’s also saving us money and time which in turn allows us to offer affordable and quality rentals to you! Your information is safe and we will never share your personal information.


Step 5: Read the fine print!

Our policies are not meant to pull the wool over your eyes. The terms and conditions have been in place for years and are designed to protect our customers, your teachers and our company/employees. Read the policies and if you don’t understand, ask us. We don’t mind answering questions!


FINALLY Step 6: When your trial period ends OR you choose to buy OR you wish to return…

When your trial period ends you will receive a letter from us at the address you provided when you set up the rental. In general, if you get anything from us in the mail, OPEN IT! We aren’t in the habit of sending marketing or junk through the mail. The letter with give you a few options:

1-Keep the instrument and pay the monthly rental fee.

2-Buy it out. We’ll apply the credit from the down payment, subtract that from the retail value and take an additional 40% off!

3-Return the instrument if you want to restart the next year or if your child doesn’t wish to continue. Keep in mind, you will lose the credit toward purchasing your instrument!

At any point during the rental process if you do want to buy out we will always give you that 40% off after applying the credit. Again, just trying to save you some money in the long run!

Okay- You’re ready to rent! Get started HERE!






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